April 4, 2015

Local Politicians Urge Lawmakers to Increase Sex Offender Restrictions

4-4-15 New York:

Some local politicians in the Southern Tier are urging state lawmakers to do more to restrict where sex offenders are allowed to live. They want the State Assembly to extend statewide restrictions to Level One and Two offenders are allowed to live.

Currently, only the worst category of offenders, Level 3, are prohibited by the state from living from within 1,000 feet of schools or public spaces such as playgrounds. In February, the state court of appeals struck down the ability of cities, towns and villages to enforce restrictions on lower level offenders.

The State Senate has already passed a Bill that would reinstate the residency restrictions for lower sex offenders in local ordinances that were struck down by the state's highest court. ..Source.. by MyTwintiers.com

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