March 15, 2015

Virginia 14-Year-Old Accused of Kik App Child Porn Scheme

3-15-15 Virginia:

A 14-year-old Fairfax boy is accused of creating a contest to generate child pornography.

The juvenile allegedly masterminded the disturbing scheme through the popular social app Kik, which boasts more than 200 million users who can share messages, photos and videos with made-up screen names.

“We talk to kids now and they say, 'Well my parents are on Facebook so we’re not using Facebook anymore.' And Kik is now what they’re using,” said Lt. James Bacon of Fairfax County Police’s Child Exploitation Unit.

Bacon follows the social trends and says Kik has become increasingly popular among young teens. "A predator is the fisherman, and Kik right now is the pond that’s stocked with all the fish,” he said.

A search warrant revealed a recent case involving the app.

A detective in Tempe, Arizona, began investigating a 12-year-old in that jurisdiction who had submitted nude images to the screen name “AAAproductions” on Kik.

“AAAproductions" claimed to offer the chance to win $30,000 for child pornography.

Police traced the IP address to a home in a Fairfax City neighborhood. ..Continued.. by David Culver

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