March 3, 2015

Letter from owner of sex offender house angers neighbors

3-3-15 North Carolina:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Controversy continues to stir over a house on McAlpine Lane in Charlotte. The Second Chance Transition Program used the building to house violent sex offenders. While those offenders are now gone, it's a recent letter explaining the decision to neighbors that is inflaming residents.

NBC Charlotte found Risa and Darryl White just as they received the letter addressed from J.M. Miller, who said he is the new program director at Bradley-Reid Corporation and co-owner of 4932 McAlpine Lane. After telling residents the sex offenders have moved, he told them they shouldn't take credit for it. "The petitions, the media, the harassment, the slander, none of it meant or caused ANYTHING."

Then later in the letter Miller said, "This is my final warning and attempt at common peace. Anything further will be met with opposition."

The Whites said the letter was unprofessional.

"Rather than saying we made a mistake and we did something different, they're going to attack the people who tried to protect their neighborhood," said Darryl White, a nearby resident.

Fellow neighbor Jody Watts said the letter had negative message.

"It was a very threatening letter. The obvious statement was that we're going to do what we're going to do with this house regardless of what your position is on it," said Watts.

The letter said the home will now be used as a transitional home for those trying to get back on their feet and none of these people will be felons. Neighbors claim the house may be functioning illegally and they will seek to get the city business permit revoked.

"We want peace in our neighborhood. We want everything to run smooth. We want to be able to have cookouts and be in our yards without feeling threatened," said Watts.

NBC Charlotte reached out to J.M. Miller for a comment and the company he works for Bradley-Reid Corporation. They did not give us a response. ..Copy of letter here at Source.. by Dustin Wilson

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