March 18, 2015

Idaho Senate Approves New 5-tier Sex Offender Registry

3-18-15 Idaho:

BOISE | The Idaho Senate has approved a new five-level registration system for sexual offenders.

The Senate voted to pass the plan 20-14, despite several lawmakers' concerns about the more than $900,000 price tag in new general funds.

A more severe crime and higher risk of a repeat offense will put an offender in a category with harsher registration requirements and a longer time in the registry.

It now goes to the House for consideration.

Most of the money will fund 12 new staff positions for the Sexual Offender Management Board, Department of Correction and Idaho State Police.

But Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis told lawmakers that the state needed to have some system in place.

The Idaho Supreme Court struck down the state's former system in 2009 over concerns with due process. ..Source.. by RYAN STRUYK

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