March 16, 2015

Bill would exempt more crimes from sex offender registration

3-16-15 Nevada:

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) -- Nevada lawmakers are considering a bill that would exempt more people from registering as sex offenders.

Members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee reviewed AB208 on Tuesday. The measure would only require someone to register as a sex offender if they've been convicted of a felony sex crime, not a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor.

It wouldn't count crimes that were designated felonies simply because they were a second offense.

Republican bill sponsor and Assemblywoman Michele Fiore said she's concerned that people who urinate in public or expose their backsides as a prank might be caught up in the sex offender registry.

Las Vegas police raised concerns that people who exposed themselves with clear sexual intent and are convicted of a misdemeanor might wrongfully be excluded from the sex offender list. ..Source.. by

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