February 10, 2015

Spiro Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Castrate Sex Offenders

2-10-2015 Oklahoma:

An Oklahoma state lawmaker from Spiro has proposed a bill to chemically castrate certain sex offenders as a condition of being released from prison.

State Sen. Mark Allen, R-Spiro, introduced Senate Bill 671, which has been referred to the judiciary committee as of last week. The bill states those convicted of a “sexually violent offense” may be required to undergo metroxyprogesterone acetate treatment as a condition of release.

The proposed law defines a “sexually violent offense” as rape, rape by instrumentation, lewd, indecent proposals or acts against children, solicitation of a minor, procuring a minor for pornography or forcible sodomy.

The bill would allow individual courts to administer chemicals other than metroxyprogesterone acetate or skip the requirement altogether if they deem the treatment would be ineffective with certain offenders.

The proposed law also would not apply to offenders who voluntarily undergo a permanent surgical alternative approved by the court.

If the bill is approved by the Oklahoma House of Representatives and Senate and signed into law by the governor, it could go into effect by Nov. 1. ..Source.. by 5NewsOnline.com

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