February 4, 2015

Sheffield files bill to keep sex offenders away from children

This is absolute nonsense there hasn't been a single recorded case of a RSO, living within a prohibited distance of a school, attacking someone in that school. The circumstance Sheffield wants to prevent has never happened in history! Its an illusion..and a waste of time and resources.
2-4-2015 Texas:

House Bill 1064 has been filed by State Representative J.D. Sheffield to extend additional protections for children against convicted sex offenders. “The bill requires that a convicted sex offender not work or reside within a child safety zone in unincorporated areas,” a press release from Sheffield's office stated.

“This bill is in response to local law enforcement’s need for additional tools to protect children in places where they commonly gather,” Sheffield said. “This legislative session I am committed to working with local authorities to address in the statute to better protect children.”

Sheffield and Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant worked on the bill together. “This is something I’ve been working on with representative Sheffield for several months,” Bryant said Tuesday.

He said the bill stems from a local incident involving a private school outside the city limits that allowed a sex offender to volunteer at the school. Bryant said his office received several calls about the incident from concerned parents, but could do nothing about it since no law prevented it.

"Hopefully it will pass and we can make sure the children are protected and parents don’t have to worry about something like that again,” Bryant added.

The bill lists areas like playgrounds, day care facilities, private schools and any place where children are known to congregate, and will be prohibited to convicted sex offenders.

“We should be able to govern where they go,” Bryant said. “If this is something that looks like it’s going to work out, I’d like to thank Dr. Sheffield and all the time he’s put into it.” ..Source.. by AUTUMN OWENS

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