February 2, 2015

Capitol showdown centers on sex offenders Monday

It is impossible to write a general brochure that will cover the specific facts of thousands of persons required to register. Clearly the brochure's purpose is to absolve the state of wrongdoing every if the brochure doesn't cover the facts of a specific registrant!
2-2-2015 Virginia:

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It's a Monday showdown set for the State Capitol concerning sex offenders. A new bill takes on what happens if a sex offender fails to register – if the offender does not receive instructional brochures or information after prison.

Can sex offenders say they did not register, because they did not get a step-by-step brochure? Senate Bill 1374 says, don't blame the brochure, blame yourself.

The bill affects 21,000 people on Virginia's sex offender registry, in addition to the countless families who live near the offenders.

State Senator Dave Marsden (D-Fairfax) is the new bill's patron, and said in a phone interview Sunday sex offenders can't cry foul, if they don't get a brochure on how to register.

“All this bill does is make sure that you cannot use, not getting the brochure as a defense against any violation of the rule,” Marsden said.

Critics say the bill clears the government of any blame - if information or brochures are not distributed properly. Opponents say fault is then placed on the sex offender.

“If [offenders] genuinely don't know they have a duty to register, they can't be found guilty of failing to register,” said NBC12 Legal Analyst Steve Benjamin in an interview Sunday.

“We'd like to send out pamphlets to help people understand. But if you don't get yours, don't go thinking that's a defense,” Benjamin continued. “If you knew you had a duty to register, and you don't, well you can be prosecuted.”

Testimony on the bill will be heard by the Senate Courts of Justice Committee, Feb. 2 at 8 a.m. ..Source.. by Mike Valerio

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