February 26, 2015

Bill aims to require evaluations to determine likelihood of sex offenders reoffending

A curfew for CERTAIN sex offenders? The water they are drinking has to be tainted..or spiked w/something!
2-26-15 Florida:

Two bills in the Florida legislature, SB 336 and HB 387, would require a convicted sex offender to be evaluated to determine the likelihood that person may reoffend.

Action News law and safety expert Dale Carson said there are already mental evaluations available for convicted sex offenders but the proposed law reinforces the policy by requiring it of the courts.

"The difficulty in that is that human behavior is not predictable," Carson said. "I don't care what specialist you go to. The real determinant of human behavior is prior conduct."

"I prefer to know that my children are safe and anybody else's children," Laney Rosendale said.

Rosendale is pregnant with her first child and said she wants the safeguards in place to protect her baby.

"Kids are walking around down here and they can get snatched up and you don't know who anybody is on this city," Rosendale said.

Donald Smith was already a convicted sex offender when he was accused of kidnapping and killing 8-year-old Cherish Perrywinkle in 2013.

The proposed bill also changes the curfew for sex offenders who have committed crimes against children under the age of 15 to a 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. window.

"The only way really to protect our children from access by pedophiles, by sexual offenders is to know where they are, know who they're with and know what's going on," Carson said. ..Source.. by ActionNewsJax.com

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