February 19, 2015

Arkansas Sex Offender Database Violates Federal Law

If its true that Arkansas is not following AWA, I would guess they are doing something right..
2-19-15 Arkansas:

Arkansas is violating federal law with the way it tracks certain sex offenders. It has cost the state hundreds of thousands of dollars and some say is putting the public in danger.

The Adam Walsh Act was passed in 2006. Nearly 10 years later, Arkansas is non-compliant in three major areas. They are: failing to report certain juvenile offenders, establishing a process for getting off the registry and not listing all offenders online.

"There hasn't been any desire of the legislature at this point to go forward with an Adam Walsh compliance bill," said Brad Cazort, administer of the sex offender registry for the Arkansas Crime Information Center.

Cazort says non compliance has cost the state $140,000 in federal grants for local law enforcement each year since 2011.

"You limit the availability of federal funds that can enhance public safety," said Sen. David Sanders, R-Little Rock.

Sanders says this session he'll file a bill to bring the state into line with the federal law and make sure all sex offenders can be tracked by the public online. ..Source.. by KARK

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