February 3, 2015

ACTION ALERT: POLL on question: Should sex offenders be allowed to visit their own child at school?

I see no logical reason to stop sex offender parents access to their OWN children while other parents can access their OWN children! And other parents should NOT have any say in stopping sex offender parents from seeing their OWN children.. Please answer the POLL... POLL is over..
2-3-2015 Virginia:

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia lawmakers will consider a measure Tuesday that will affect parents and their children. House Bill 1366 would change state guidelines pertaining to sex offenders on school property. The measure is aimed at limiting school access for parents who are sex offenders and want to visit their child’s school.

Under current state law, registered sex offenders are allowed on school campuses if their children goes to the school and their visit is cleared with the school superintendent. However, a bill introduced by Delegate Jeff Campbell (R-Marion) would change that.

Under Campbell’s bill, other parents with children at the school would be allowed to weigh in on whether or not registered sex offenders [Parents} would have access to their children while on school grounds. Campbell’s bill would require all sex offenders to have a hearing before being granted access to schools.

Under the proposed bill, registered sex offenders would have to use their own money to place an ad in the local newspaper publicizing a hearing date. Once the ad runs for two weeks, anyone could attend the hearing and testify against the registered sex offender. A judge would hear the arguments and rule on whether the parent would have access to the school.

The House Courts of Justice committee passed the bill with an unanimous vote. The full House of Delegates is expected to vote on the bill Tuesday. This is a developing story. ..POLL is HERE.. by Jasmine Norwood

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