January 20, 2015

VIRGINIA ACLU: New sex offender bill 'invitation to throw stones'

Only a idiot would want a public hearing to approve someone picking up their own children! But here it is in Virginia. So the guy who has threatened folks with a gun, he is OK to walk in, but not someone who has committed a sex offense like years ago. The logic is? It gets worse see above...
1-20-2015 Virginia:

Does new legislation to keep sex offenders from visiting your child's school go too far? A new bill would require registered sex offenders to have public hearings before gaining access to Virginia schools.

"And I understand the concern about this," said Delegate Jeff Campbell. "But it's really not an attack on the sex offender themselves."

Delegate Campbell is introducing the bill. He has school-age children of his own. "And I certainly would like to know who is being granted access to these public school systems," said Delegate Campbell.

HB1366 would require registered sex offenders to advertise their personal public hearing in the newspaper for 2 weeks. Anyone attending the hearing could testify against the request to gain access to the school. Some civil rights groups are already coming out against the bill saying it could lead to angry mobs.

"It's essentially an invitation to throw stones." said Claire GastaƱaga with the ACLU of Virginia. "Having a public hearing before you can go to visit your child's teacher? Tell me what's that supposed to accomplish? I don't see what it accomplishes other than inviting an angry mob into the school."

Delegate Campbell disagrees with that assessment.

"It is certainly not going to prohibit the offender from being able to petition the court and gain access," said Delegate Campbell.

HB1366 unanimously passed subcommittee Monday. Stay with NBC12 for updates on this story. ..Source.. by Chris Thomas

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