January 2, 2015

Natrona County Sheriff’s Office plans to purchase body cams

1-2-2015 Wyoming:


All 23 counties in Wyoming have switched from the old sex offender registry to OffenderWatch as part of a push to have all jurisdictions nationwide using the same program to track offenders.

“It has all of the same information but more,” said sheriff's Sgt. John Becker.

Using the website, residents can confidentially register their address to be monitored by the sheriff’s office, which will send an email alerting them if an offender registers an address close to their home.

Citizens can also send anonymous messages on the website with tips or concerns about sex offenders. The messages are forwarded directly to law enforcement.

The system, if expanded nationwide, would allow law enforcement to track sex offenders seamlessly if they move from one jurisdiction to another. ..Source.. by LILLIAN SCHROCK

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