January 25, 2015

Legislature briefs: Sex offenders, guns, tanning beds

Raises a que of jurisdiction; can the state reopen a sentence and add further punishment which this would be?
1-25-2015 Mississippi:

Status: ‘sex offender’

Rep. Tom Miles, D-Forest, has authored a bill that would require sex offenders to label themselves thus on social media, such as Facebook.

HB 296 says that on any networking website where users have profiles, a convicted sex offender “shall include in his profile … an indication that he is a sex offender and shall include notice of the crime for which he was convicted” and must list their residential address.

But similar laws have been struck down by courts in Louisiana, Georgia, Utah and California. A federal appeals court recently ruled an Indiana law banning convicted sex offenders from social media was ruled unconstitutional.

Miles said he hopes his bill at least generates discussion. “At least put it in the backs of people’s minds that it’s a problem,” Miles said. “If it saves one child, it’s worth having the conversation.”

... ... ... ..Source.. by Geoff Pender and Jimmie E. Gates

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