December 8, 2014

Unregistered sex offenders displayed on billboards in Marion County

This makes no sense at all, statistically these folks are not committing crimes. And murderers are not so treated. Which is more important to the safety of society? Idiots make these decisions and they somehow get elected..

UPDATE: Sex offender billboard campaign includes two deceased men They cannot get anything right...
12-8-2014 Indiana:

Authorities are taking a new approach to get unregistered sex offenders off the streets of Marion County.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Marshals Service and Crime Stoppers are collaborating to get the 40 most violent, unregistered sex offenders behind bars.

For the first time, authorities are using billboards as a way to advertise those unregistered sex offenders. They hope the general public will provide tips.

"We've put together this poster and this program to try and bring them in compliance. That's what we all want -- them in compliance -- but now they're wanted and now we need to get 'em off the street," director of Crime Stoppers Steve Dubois said.

An electronic billboard on Fall Creek Parkway displayed mug shots of unregistered sex offenders Monday morning.

"We want those neighbors to say, 'Hey that's John Doe, he takes his trash out every Tuesday, I see him over there,' and it turns out John Doe is one of the wanted sex offenders," Marion County sheriff’s deputy Brad Allen said.

In addition to the electronic billboard by the Indiana State Fairgrounds, two other static billboards will go up at Interstate 65 and North Lafayette Road and at the corner of Washington Street and Highland Avenue.

The billboards will be up for the next month. ..Source.. by Drew Smith

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