December 10, 2014

Georgia cops dump sex offender in nearby county

12-10-2014 Georgia:

ATHENS, GA. -- A homeless man was turned away from one Athens shelter because he was a convicted sex offender and another because it had no room, police said.

As a result Monday, Athens-Clarke County police drove 51-year-old Ronald Dwayne Roebuck back to Walton County from where he’d come earlier in the day.

Athens authorities said Monroe police had driven Roebuck to the Salvation Army shelter on Hawthorne Avenue, pointed him toward the door and quickly drove off.

The Salvation Army would not accept Roebuck because he was a registered sex offender, police said. ...

The Salvation Army suggested to Roebuck that he try the Bigger Vision shelter on North Avenue, and when he called there he was told the shelter had no room for him, according to police.

Roebuck later called local police for advice.

An Athens-Clarke officer met him at a bar on Prince Avenue, according to an Athens-Clarke County police incident report. The report indicated that Monroe police were contacted and informed of Roebuck’s situation and that he needed to return to the county where he is registered as a sex offender.

Monroe police refused to return to Athens to get the man, nor would they agree to meet at a location in Oconee County, about halfway between Athens-Clarke and Walton counties, according to the report.

The Athens-Clarke officer then gave Roebuck a courtesy ride to Walton County and dropped him off at a service station in Monroe. ..Source.. by Joe Johnson

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