December 2, 2014

Courts ask for clarity in sex offender information collecting

And the finger pointing begins..
12-2-2014 Vermont:

Language in state law leaves room for unclear interpretation

MONTPELIER, Vt. —Monday, Vermont’s Joint Legislative Corrections Oversight Committee heard from representatives from the court system who are looking at the communication breakdowns that have led to inaccurate and missing information on the sex offender registry.

One of the major issues on Monday’s agenda was homing in on who exactly is in charge of collecting sex offender information before it hits the registry.

Currently, state law says it's up to the court to get the information from offenders, but according to Chief Administrative Judge Amy Davenport, language in the law needs to be changed to specific responsibilities for specific departments.

“We need to find the best way to tweak the statute a little bit so it's clear who's responsible for doing what and the court clerk isn't responsible for sending fingerprints, when the court clerk doesn't get the fingerprints from law enforcement,” said Judge Amy Davenport.

Vermont Sen. Dick Sears, who sits on the Corrections Oversight Committee said "Today was fairly encouraging that the court, the corrections department, and the Department of Public Safety are working together to provide us with some recommendations and I plan to take that up as soon as the Legislature convenes in January.” ..Source.. by Jarred Hill

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