November 22, 2014

The 'other' Carlos Molina isn't too thrilled about frequent cases of mistaken identity

4-30-2014 Nevada:

LAS VEGAS -- Carlos Molina, who will fight Adrien Broner on Saturday in a super lighweight bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, never used to get allthat upset about being mistaken for another boxer who fights as a super welterweight with the same name.

That boxer, whose name is Carlos A. Molina, won the IBF junior middleweight world title by beating Ishe Smith last year in Las Vegas.

"I didn't mind too much when he was a world champion and people were confusing me for him," the Molina who is fighting Broner said.

He doesn't like the mistakes so much now, however. In March, only days before a planned title defense against Jermell Charlo, Carlos A. Molina was arrested on charges he failed to register as a sex offender. Then, he was detained by the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement when it alleged he was in the country illegally. Carlos A. Molina remains in custody.

The Molina who is fighting Broner does not have a middle initial. But he got a lot of unwanted attention when Carlos A. Molina was arrested. Carlos Molina's photo was included on a story in the Los Angeles Times about Carlos A. Molina's arrest. HBO's Jim Lampley mistook the two when he said on his show, "The Fight Game," that Broner would be fighting a guy who had recently been arrested. Clearly, that's not the case.

When he saw and heard that, he didn't think the comparisons were so good, or so funny. Occasionally, his family would hear about Carlos A. Molina having a fight lined up and think it was him. That was funny. But he wanted no part of any criminal case.

"Hey man, he was arrested for sexual assault, or whatever that was," Molina said. "That's not me. Don't mess that up."

So to be clear: Carlos Molina of Commerce, Calif., is 28 years old and is 17-1-1 and is the man who is fighting Broner Saturday at the MGM Grand. Carlos A. Molina is 30 years old, is from Chicago and is a junior middleweight with a record of 22-5-2 with six knockouts. ..Source.. by Kevin Iole

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