November 19, 2014

Cloverdale Police Department introduces new app

11-19-2014 Indiana:

CLOVERDALE -- Crime fighting is now at the fingertips of Cloverdale residents as the Cloverdale Police Department launched a smartphone app on Monday. The department is hoping that the new app, MyPD, will not only raise community involvement and awareness, but keep up with the ever changing ways people view information.

The free app, which can be used on any iPhone or Android device, aims to easily and quickly connect residents with its local law enforcement and public safety agency by not only allowing users to give feedback and communicate information to the department, but residents will also receive news and alerts when needed.

"It's a good way to connect with the community," Cloverdale Town Marshal Mike Clark said. "This allows us to be able to let them get information to us and us get information to them."

MyPD allows users to obtain push notifications directly from the Cloverdale Police Department in such situations as road closures or amber alerts. Users can also ask questions, submit tips, commend officers for doing a good job, check out the most wanted persons as well as access crime maps and such things as the sex offender registry.

"Citizens can make anonymous tips to us and they truly are anonymous because they actually go through a third party before they come to us," Clark explained. "We have no access to whoever submitted it if they do it anonymously."

Residents will also be able to ask Clark and Sgt. Charlie Hallam questions in a timely fashion as well as have access to the email addresses of all Cloverdale Police officers.

Clark noted that after doing some research to better connect the department and the community, he stumbled upon MyPD and later gained more information before moving forward with the new project.

"I'm always looking for ways to connect us more with the community," Clark added. "Cloverdale will be only the second department in Indiana to have it, with West Lafayette being the first."

Users are reminded that the app should not be used in true emergency situations and 9-1-1 should still be used. Users are also reminded that it is a crime to make a false report to the Cloverdale Police Department.

"We encourage people to download the free app," Clark said. "Hopefully we can work together." ..Source.. by LAUREN BOUCHER

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