October 30, 2014

Plaquemines placing sex offender signs on lawns for Halloween

This story needs to be told. This is insanity supported by the Police, who folks are supposed to believe will never lie to the public. The police are fully aware of the truth re: Sex offender research and Halloween; here we see them telling the public untruths so how can the public feel safe under those hired to protect and serve; police? ACLU where are you?
10-30-2014 Louisiana:

NEW ORLEANS -- Are there sex offenders in your neighborhood? It is a question police want every parent to have the answer to before going trick or treating.

Halloween is a time for thrills and chills, but for parents it is not always the good kind. It is also when local police remind everyone of the work they are doing to keep sex offenders off the street and in their homes come Halloween night.

"It's not only protecting the children, it's protecting the sex offenders too," said Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office Commander Eric Becnel. "Sex offenders know they should not be out on their porch distributing candy or have their lights on."

Orleans Parish has 656 registered sex offenders and not far behind is Jefferson Parish with 633 offenders. So, when parents narrowed down the search to their street, the results were eye opening.

There are 64 registered sex offenders within two miles of Jade Adgate's Jefferson Parish home, which came as big shock to the mom-to-be.

Adgate and her family just moved to Jefferson Parish three weeks ago. She said until now she had not even thought about it.

"I see them on my street. That's awful, I had no idea!" says Adgate. "It's scary, you don't want that in your neighborhood without you knowing, so yeah I wish I had looked this up sooner."

Parents say they do have some peace of mind knowing police will have extra patrols out on the street and will be doing compliance checks at sex offender's homes, but Plaquemines Parish is taking it one step further by placing signs in every sex offender's yard.

"We have distributed nearly 3,000 letters to parents or guardians of children basically informing them of the signs we will be placing in the 43 registered sex offender's yards," says Becnel.

"It's great. They put the signs up, they keep the lights off and then we know that's not a good house," said one Plaquemines Parish mom.

The proud mom of three said she likes how much police keep her informed of the dangers lurking in her own backyard. She said she has even went to the sex offender registry and signed up to get the free alerts.

"There is just so much going on these days. You can't watch your kids 24 hours a day and it only takes a split second for something to happen."

It's just one more thing she and other parents can do make sure their kids have a fun, safe night.

Police say if you observe a sex offender participating in Halloween, call 911. ..Source.. by Jaclyn Kelley

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