October 2, 2014

No Housing Restriction For Moorhead Sex Offenders

10-2-2014 Minnesota:

Some Moorhead residents are upset with city leaders' decision to not limit where sex offenders can live.

Right now, sex offenders of all levels can live anywhere in the city.

Ashley Christianson is one of many parents who think Moorhead should place limits on where sex offenders can live.

"I just as a parent think it's ridiculous to for any sex offender to live anywhere in Moorhead. I would be devastated if one lived near us," said Christianson.

In the city councils latest informal meeting, the idea of restricting where sex offenders may live was brought up but the only one to support the idea was councilwoman Brenda Elmer.

The Moorhead Police Chief and other leaders opposed the idea due to a number of factors including having a higher homeless population and being able to keep tabs on offenders.

"If you talk to residents who do have one of the very high level registered offenders in their neighborhood they can tell you how things may have changed," said Elmer.

A lot of people believe that the proposed idea should have gone through while there are those that side with the majority of leaders.

"I think it's important to keep those people away from children and even students on campus," said Nikkie Nouwen of Moorhead.

"If it's not gonna help, probably not since they haven't had a repeat offender in ten years it seems like it wouldn't make much of a difference," said Alli Fox of Moorhead.

"I'm all about protecting kids and I think they should be limited to staying in a certain area and away from schools and homes and families," said Amanda Boelz of Moorhead.

If residents are concerned about the decision, Elmer says;

"If our public has any interest in pursuing this concept they really should be contacting their elected officials." ..Source.. by Aries Serrano

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