October 28, 2014

Freedom of Speech Squashed: Under the color of law?

This is a MUST MUST MUST read (3 musts no mistake). From With Justice for All (WJfA) blog; remember 3 MUSTS read! Definition of "Under Color of Law" by the U.S. Dep't of Justice
10-28-2014 Indiana:

From WJfA Blog:

A little town in Indiana named Bedford did something this Halloween that I found particularly despicable. The past week or so I have been commenting fast and furiously, as often as possible, against the need to expend extra-ordinary efforts protecting trick-or-treaters against registrants and for the more-needed addition of traffic patrols Halloween evening and night. I was getting rather blase about it because the articles were much the same: for the town's or county's registered citizens, no decorations; no lights; no costumes; no handing out treats; no being on the streets; mandatory meetings.

Then this morning, this headline really caught my eye: "Police use creative video to warn community about sex offenders before Halloween." The opening paragraphs give the full picture--pun intended--better than I could paraphrase it:

  • Halloween is just days away, and one central Indiana police department is getting the word out about local sex offenders.
  • The Bedford Police Department made a Facebook video that shows the faces of the nearly 50 sex offenders living in the city.

My first thought was, "Well, crap. What if some kid sees his or her daddy or uncle or grandpa on there? Will there be any end to the grief for that child, to the harassment and bullying that will result from peers?"

My second thought was, "This is SO wrong." I started hunting for a way to post an objection. The article did not have a comment board attached. I found a Facebook page for the news outlet that posted the original article and dropped in this comment:

Now if you want to know EXACTLY what happened
jump on over to With Justice for All blog, be ready for SHOCKING results...

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