October 9, 2014

City of Carson Charged With Fraud, Breach of Contract

10-8-2014 California:

The City of Carson has been charged with fraud and breach of contract due to its failure to significantly revise the city’s sex offender ordinance despite a settlement agreement in which the City promised to do so no later than August 24, 2014. A lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on October 1, 2014, requesting that the court require the City revise its ordinance in accordance with the settlement agreement. In addition, a government claim was filed with the City Clerk on the same day requesting monetary damages.

The settlement agreement at issue was signed by both the City Manager and the City Attorney and a provision in that agreement stated the individuals who signed the agreement had authority to bind the party they represent. After the City Council failed to revise the ordinance, the City Attorney stated that the City Manager lacked authority to bind the City of Carson.

“The City of Carson continues to act in bad faith,” stated CA RSOL President Janice Bellucci. “First, they adopted an ordinance that violates the state and federal constitutions. Second, they refused to honor a settlement agreement signed by the City Manager and instead “declared war” upon registered citizens. Third, they ..Continued.. by CARSOL

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