September 14, 2014

Sex offenders find shelter at Holland Rescue Mission

9-14-2014 Michigan:

A 29 year-old man arrested for exposing himself to an 11 year-old girl in Holland is a registered sex offender living at the Holland Rescue Mission.

And there are a lot of convicted sex offenders living at the mission.

"No one else will take them," explains former mission resident Tim Tuttle.

Anthony Currier is accused of exposing himself to an 11 year old girl near Black River Public School on September 6.

Currier is already on the state's list of sex offenders, and like more than a dozen others in the registry, he says his home address is the Holland Rescue Mission on South River Avenue.

"Because they don't have anywhere else to go, there is not a place for them," repeats former resident Tuttle.

Holland Rescue Mission directors say they often provide a home for paroled prisoners.

They say they review sex offenders on a case by case basis, refusing violent and repeat offenders, but others are accepted.

"I don't believe the public should be afraid," says Tuttle.

"There are so many rules and standards, they keep such tabs on you it prevents it from happening again," explains former Family Mission resident Tina Ferris.

"Would you rather have them running around on the streets without a place to go?" wonders Tuttle. "That's my question." ..Source.. by Phil Dawson, WZZM

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