September 10, 2014

Jesse Friedman gets court hearing to clear his name from notorious 1980s sex abuse case

9-10-2014 New York:

Friedman, 44, served 13 years in prison after confessing to molesting children who went to take computer classes at his father's Long Island home in the 1980s. He maintains he was railroaded into confessing and his innocent of the crimes.

The subject of “Capturing the Friedmans” is getting his day in court.

The Nassau County District Attorney’s office has agreed to a court hearing on Jesse Friedman’s claims of “actual innocence” in the notorious child sex abuse case against him and his father.

In papers filed in Nassau County Supreme Court on Tuesday, the DA’s office said it still believes Friedman, 44, is guilty of the crimes he confessed to — but that he also has a right to have his claims heard in court.

“Notwithstanding defendant’s misrepresentations concerning the evidence of his actual innocence, the statements of victims who maintain that they were abused, and defendant’s many admissions of guilt, the People do not oppose his request for an actual innocence hearing,” the filing says.

It noted that at the hearing, which still has to be signed off on by a judge, “He will have the burden of proving by clear and convincing evidence that he is factually innocent of the charges brought against him.” ..Continued.. by Dareh Gregorian

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