September 26, 2014

Court: Sex offender sent to prison for failing to register Facebook account

It is idiotic to send a person to prison for failing to register a Facebook account; whoever came up with that idea needs to be committed to a mental institution. PA cost of incarceration -per year- is $42,339 and here up to 6-years or $254,034 which will be paid by the taxpayers. This state needs to imprison their legislators for squandering taxpayer funds. This makes zero sense. The punishment does not fit the crime!
9-26-2014 Pennsylvania:

Megan's Law offenders must do more than just register their addresses with state police. They also have to let state police know if they open an account on social media.

One who failed to let state police know about his Facebook account paid a heavy penalty Wednesday. Justin Stafford, 36, of 1020 Chestnut St., has been a Megan's Law registrant since 2004. He was convicted of indecent assault.

Earlier this year, Stafford opened a Facebook account and failed to notify state police, who found out about it from an ex-girlfriend of Stafford's. Police charged Stafford on April 7.

Stafford pleaded guilty to failure to provide accurate registration and unsworn falsification.

Judge Samuel Kline sentenced Stafford Wednesday to three to six years in state prison and fined him $350. ..Source.. by Steve Snyder

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