September 16, 2014

Arizona grandmother working to create child abuser registry

9-16-2014 Arizona:

An Arizona grandmother adopted her four grandchildren after her violent son-in-law nearly killed the youngest when she was five months old.

Now 2 years old, Aubre Salinas-Lama won't grow up the same as other kids.

In December of 2012, Aubre's father Daniel Salinas Lama shook her so violently she almost died.

"The first 14 days, she was on life support at the PICU at Phoenix Children's," said grandmother Shannon Rangel. "The seizure activity was so bad we didn't know if she would even survive the seizures."

Born four pounds, nine ounces at 33 weeks, little Aubre had beaten the odds once already.

"The day that David shook her, everything changed," said Rangel.

Salinas-Lama will be locked up for the next 10 years. After four months, little Aubre was home from the hospital. Doctors, however, told Shannon and her husband that Aubre would likely live with them until the day they die.

"They (child abusers) can go to prison, get out, have a new wife, new girlfriend, have more children, and there's no one there to monitor what their previous crime had been," said Rangel.

Rangel and her husband Earnest, a former corrections officer, live in Window Rock. They are lobbying politicians and other people with influence.

They want to create a child abuse registry, much like a sex offender registry, so an abuser's misdeeds will follow them wherever they go for the rest of their lives.

"I think there should be someone who's ready to stand up and fight against them and get the laws changed so we can protect our children better," said Rangel. ..Continued.. by Adam Longo

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