August 13, 2014

Lawmakers Plan To Ban Sex Offenders From Fairs

Why not ban Lawmakers since a few of them have also committed sex offenses? The world is going nuts, now on heresay!
8-13-2014 Illinois:

Illinois law says registered sex offenders can't work at county fairs, but it doesn't say they can't attend. There are thousands of registered sex offenders in the state, and the state says almost 90% of them committed crimes against victims under age 18. There are several who live very close to the Whiteside County fairgrounds in Morrison. Last year, officers say they spotted one registered sex offender at the fair. When they realized he was legally allowed to be there, they contacted a local lawmaker for help.

"He was, at the time, interacting with a young child," said Trish Joyce, the county's states attorney. "The deputy was extremely disturbed by it, came to talk to me."

She and Sheriff Kelly Wilhelmi then discovered a big problem with the law.

"We looked through the statutes and found the loophole that this gentleman could actually be present at the fair although not affiliated with it or employed by it," Attorney Joyce said.

"This should be a place where you shouldn't have to worry about your children," Sheriff Wilhelmi said. "I'm hoping that we can get this law changed to make sure that our kids are safe."

Then, State Rep. Mike Smiddy got involved. He is now working to reintroduce a bill that would ban registered sex offenders from attending county fairs across the state.

"It has been a very bipartisan effort," he said. "We have several cosponsors from both sides of the aisle helping with this legislation."

The potential change comes as a sigh of relief for many parents. ..Continued.. by Kiya Edwards

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