June 19, 2014

Local Officers’ Suggestion Leads To New Law

This is about s bright as a burnt out bulb, a law govering visitors to the state and no way to notify them. Really bright?
6-19-2014 Oklahoma:

OKLAHOMA CITY – A new law set to take effect Nov. 1 will close a loophole in the current sex offender registration statutes.

House Bill 3016, by Rep. Sean Roberts and Sen. AJ Griffin, will require sex offenders to register in Oklahoma if they spend 14 days in the state in a 60-day period. Current law only requires them to register if they spend seven consecutive days in the state.

Roberts said Cleveland law enforcement officials brought a local problem with a sex offender to his and Griffin’s attention.

“This legislation addresses a loophole that local law enforcement saw abused by an individual,” said Roberts, R-Hominy. “This legislation addresses sex offenders that come to stay in Oklahoma on a consistent basis, but never for seven consecutive days. Closing the loophole means that law enforcement can take action against those who sneak into our communities without notification or registration.”

The legislation was approved by the Oklahoma House of Representatives by an 88-4 vote on March 5. The state Senate voted in favor of the bill unanimously, 45-0, on March 31. Although signed into law in May, the ceremonial signing of the bill took place Wednesday, June 11.

“I would like to thank Representative Roberts and Senator Griffin for listening to problems from local communities and taking action to give law enforcement more tools to protect our communities,” said Cleveland Police Chief Clint Stout. “I would also like to thank Rep. Roberts for inviting Officer Leach and myself to be present during the ceremonial signing of the law by Governor Fallin.” ..Source.. by ClevandAmerican.com

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