April 18, 2014

Houston lawmaker calls for investigation of sex offender program

Isn't there a child's fable about "Crying Wolf" when there is none?
4-18-2014 Texas:

A Houston state senator is calling for an investigation into a program that puts high-risk sex offenders in supervised homes in neighborhoods, without telling neighbors.

One of those supervised homes is in East Austin, a second is in Houston and a third is now proposed just north of Houston.

Senator John Whitmire said the Office of Violent Sex Offender Management was out of control and asked the Travis County Public Integrity Unit, among others, to launch an investigation.

He also promised to pass new legislation when lawmakers return to Austin.

During our initial story about the home in East Austin we spoke to a caseworker who said the residents who live there are under 24 hour surveillance, wear GPS monitors and can't leave the home.

She said most of the residents are just happy to be out of prison and don't want to risk screwing that up.

According to the state, in 2012 there were 234 offenders in the supervised release program. None had committed a new offense. ..Source.. by TWC News Staff

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