March 21, 2014

Will sex offender rules in California change?

They want to focus on "greatest risk to community" and generally recidivism rates are used to determine that, which puts RSOs near the bottom of the list of crime types to focus on. So is it truthful to claim "greatest risk" when no other crime types are considered?
3-21-2014 California:

It may get tougher to track sex offenders under a new state policy California is exploring.

Under the proposal, some sex offenders could go off the radar in 10 years.

Right now, California has an estimated 78,000 sex offenders, all of whom must, by law, register with the state for life.

But Thursday, the Sex Offender Management Board started moving forward to change the rules, so that so-called lower-level offenders released from prison would be eligible to register for just 10 to 20 years – after which no one would monitor them at all.

"We want to be able to focus the resources that are available to the people who pose the greatest risk to our communities," Board Chair Nancy O’Malley told KCRA 3.

O’Malley, who also serves as district attorney for Alameda County, said high-risk sex offenders would still continue to register for life.

But under the board’s new proposal, for example, it only would be considered a minor offense for sex offenders to be convicted of possessing child pornography. ..Continued.. by Mike Luery

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