March 11, 2014

Pol pushes identifying Level 1 sex offenders

Putting more registrants online will not solve or prevent further crimes; the registry is a failure when it comes to public safety. Its only purpose is to help politicians stay in office with their false claims of public safety.
3-11-2014 Massachusetts:

Lawmakers said tougher sex offender laws are still needed after the apparent suicide of a Level 1 offender who was accused of abusing more than a dozen infants and toddlers in his wife’s unlicensed day care.

“Anybody who sexually assaults a child should be put online immediately if they are convicted of it. There should be no secrecy,” state Rep. Carlo P. Basile (D-East Boston).

Basile co-sponsored a bill last year to bar classifying offenders like John Burbine — convicted of a sex crime on a child — as Level 1. Sex offenders are classified based on their likelihood of re-offending — not the crime committed.

Burbine died Friday after apparently hanging himself in his cell as he awaited trial.

A new law last year put Level 2 sex offenders online along with Level 3 offenders. But Level 1 offenders, like Burbine, still remain secret from the public. Bills aimed at revealing more information on Level 1 offenders remain stalled in committee.

“There’s more we should and can do, but given the legislative clock, I’m not as optimistic,” said House Minority Leader Bradley H. Jones, who sponsored a bill last year to let the public know about all sex offenders. “His death shouldn’t remove the impetus for looking at this and saying more information is appropriate.” ..Source.. by Erin Smith

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