March 28, 2014

Local law enforcement conducts random sex offender check

Hopefully they are speaking of folks under supervision because if not entering homes without a warrant is a major constitutional violation. If address checks are done as suggested, everyone asked any question should claim the right to remain silent, lest they unknowingly be implicated in possible illegal conduct.

See Aug 2013 possible violations by these officers "Surprise visit for Ralls County sex offenders
3-28-2014 Missouri:

RALLS COUNTY, MO. -- The Ralls County Sheriff's office and the U.S. Marshals knocked on the doors of sex offenders residing in Ralls County.

The random checks are meant to see if the offenders are complying with state registration laws.

"Looking to see if that offender was in a situation or circumstance where there is a possibility that they could re-offend," Richard Adair, a Deputy with the Ralls County Sheriff's Office, said.

The two agencies visited 28 homes during the Thursday's morning checks.

"It shows the sex offender, that this is serious, we are checking for compliance that just because they come in every 30 days or so and say they live in a place, we are going to check, we are going to make sure they reside and the information they provide is accurate," Deputy Adair said.

During the check, they found several offenders not home.

But went inside anyways to determine if they were in compliance.

Home checks are one of the ways offenders are often found in violation.

"What we will do is check with their relatives to make sure they do reside there, to see their bedroom, look for mail, prescription bottles that they may have in there," Deputy Adair said.

If offenders provide a false address and the relative helps them cover it up, that means possible jail time for all involved.

"Make them aware if they are lying to us if the person doesn't reside there, that that's a class d felony for aiding a sex offender," Deputy Adair said.

The two departments believe the joint effort helps keep everyone in line and safe.

Below are the full results of Thursday's sex offender checks:
- One sex offender was confirmed to have died recently.

- One sex offender was found to be not in compliance with the requirements of being a registered sex offender.

- One residence where a sex offender resides resulted in a referral to the Missouri Division of Family Services due to the living conditions of a child inside the residence.

- Six registered offenders will require follow up investigations to determine if they are in full compliance with the requirements of being a registered sex offender.

- All of the remaining offenders were found to be in compliance.
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