March 19, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Judge protects rapist who allegedly threatened witness called to testify against him

3-19-2014 New York:

Supreme Court Justice Michael Gary barred the public and press from the courtroom last week as authorities tried to arrest Kevin Bartholomew, who was accused of raping a 14-year-old. Bartholomew was later convicted. It remains unknown why Gary shut the courtroom's doors, which a source said was 'outrageous.'

A Brooklyn judge reportedly stopped prosecutors from arresting an accused rapist for allegedly threatening a witness after she took the stand against him — and the jurist tried to prevent the public from learning about it.

Supreme Court Justice Michael Gary improperly shut the courtroom’s doors last week as the authorities moved to collar Kevin Bartholomew, who was fighting charges he raped a 14-year-old relative three years ago.

Bartholomew was convicted Tuesday.

During the trial, his ex took the stand against him, and according to sources, the 38-year-old defendant made a death threat against her, the woman had told prosecutors.

But the judge threatened to dismiss the rape case if prosecutors arrested Bartholomew, who was out on $100,000 bond, on the new alleged misdemeanor before the end of the trial, sources said.

“What he's doing is outrageous,” said a law enforcement source of the judge.

It is believed Gary didn’t want to complicate the proceeding, but his reasoning remains unknown — because when the matter was argued before him Friday, he abruptly closed his courtroom to the public and the press. ..Source.. by Oren Yaniv

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