November 5, 2013

Special Report: Lenient living restrictions for sex offenders

11-5-2013 Vermont:

Sex offender laws do not do enough to protect our families, say advocates for both victims and sex offenders. Vermont's laws governing convicted sex offenders are more lenient than neighboring states, including New Hampshire and New York.

Offenders can pretty much live wherever they want as long as they're not on probation or parole: that includes next to schools, playgrounds and day cares.

They're required to register, but only for a set amount of time ,and even then the public doesn't know exactly where they are.

The Chittenden Unit for Special Investigation is out in Essex, hunting down addresses and knocking on doors, for their yearly sex offender registry checks.

Their stops take them past schools, parks and other areas specially designed for children.

“A sex offender should stay away from areas where there are children if he's attracted to children. They should stay away,” Pastor Pete Fiske said.

Fiske runs the church at prison and a religious treatment and reintegration program for all types of convicted criminals, sex offenders included.

He's working with recently released sex offender Timothy Szad --imprisoned for handcuffing and sexually assaulting a young boy he met on the banks of a river in Southern Vermont. ..Continued.. by Bridget Shanahan

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