August 4, 2013

Convicted Sex Offender Found Not Guilty of ...

8-4-2013 Maryland:

A man once called a serial rapist has been found innocent in the eyes of the court not once, not twice, but three times in the past three years! FOX45’s Janice Park explored further into Nelson Clifford’s multiple trials. He became a convicted sex offender back in 1997, and since then at least four women have come forward saying he broke into their homes and raped them.

But so far, each time a jury has found him to be innocent. One of Clifford’s victims spoke with FOX45, but asked to have her face hidden and identify kept private out of fear. She told FOX45 that Clifford broke into her home, put his hand over her mouth, and raped her. Her two small children were in the next room when Clifford broke in. Police say DNA evidence tied Clifford to three rapes in 2011.

“Nelson Clifford has a very unique MO, prior to the DNA hits, we were confident Nelson Clifford was responsible for these incidents,” said police. As each alleged victim got their day in court, it was all the same outcome. For a January 2010 rape, a November 2011 rape, and a rape three days later Clifford received three not guilty verdicts. Clifford still faces an attempted rape and burglary charge for an incident in December 2011.

One victim said, “Every not guilty, we are being raped all over again.” Clifford was charged with a sec offense in the 90’s, and is a registered sex offender. But his alleged victims say he wins in court by accusing them of being strippers or prostitutes. “He sits on the stand so arrogant to say he’s beat the system,” said one victim. FOX45 was unable to reach Clifford’s public defender, but tonight in three cases, in the eyes of the law, he is an innocent man. ..Source.. by FOX

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