July 29, 2013

90 Sex Offenders Might Become Homeless in Miami-Dade Next Week.

7-29-2013 Florida:

The Florida Action Committee has been advised that next week, approximately 90 registered sex offenders might be notified that they have to leave the mobile homes that they own or rent at the River Park Trailer Park, located at 2260 NW 27nd Avenue.

Recently, authorities were advised by a representative of the County’s Homeless Trust that the registrants are living there in violation of the County’s 2500 foot ordinance, because a “school”, the Miami Bridge, is within that buffer zone.

It is unclear as to whether The Bridge is even a school. It is not listed on the Department of Education site and the sex offender registration unit has been permitting the residents to move in for a while – apparently not considering it a school either. On its website, miamibridge.org, the facility is described as a shelter for at-risk youth.

Regardless, the residents of the mobile home community and the Miami Bridge have coexisted within the 2500 foot buffer for years, but now 90 otherwise law-abiding, former offenders who are clustered at the trailer park will likely be kicked out of their homes and the County may receive 90 new homeless sex offenders.

The Florida Action Committee urges the media to contact the office of the Circuit Administrator of the Department of Corrections, the Miami-Dade Police Department or the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust, to find out more and ascertain the exact date these individuals would become homeless in the community. ..Press Release.. From Press Release from the Florida Action Committee (FAC)

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