December 9, 2012

SW Michigan police investigate "sexual crime" in kindergarten class

12-9-2012 Michigan:

A southwest Michigan teacher was not in her classroom today, as police investigate an alleged sex crime involving 5-year-olds.

Parents at East Side Middle School in Constantine, which is in St. Joseph County, say they received a letter informing them that police were investigating a “sexual crime” that happened between 5-year-old boys.

The letter explains the act happened in a kindergarten classroom but did not say exactly what happened.

The school says one other child may have been involved.

Some parents are hesitant to send their kids back to school.

“(My son) begs for me not to send him to school,” said one parent. “He doesn’t want to go to nap time or recess.”

“I think she’s a great teacher,” said another parent. “It is not her fault at all. I’m upset with the parents of the kids. I think stuff like that starts at home.”

The teacher of that class was removed from the classroom, which is a school district policy.

The school says she is not involved in what happened between the kids. but further investigation is needed before she could return to school. ..Source.. by WSBT-TV Report

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