December 18, 2012

Osten says shooting lends 'safety zone' bill clout

This is the kind of nonsense spewed by lawmakers. What happened at the Newtown school was by a perpetrator who broke in to the school through a window (News reports), obviously he had no respect for law. Any thoughts that a safety zone law would stop someone intent on committing a similar crime at any facility is absurd.
12-18-2012 Connecticut:

State Sen.-elect Cathy Osten plans to sponsor a bill modeled on Montville safety ordinances, and concerns heightened by Friday’s Newtown school massacre will increase the likelihood of its passage, she said.

Osten said she has agreed to continue the work of Sen. Edith Prague, D-Columbia, in creating “safety zones” designed to prevent interactions between registered sex offenders and senior citizens and children. The Montville Town Council passed two ordinances — one governing children and the other covering senior citizens — in October. The council voted 4-2 on Dec. 10 to adopt amended versions of the ordinances.

Osten is taking Prague’s seat, having been endorsed by Prague shortly after her retirement announcement earlier this year and defeating Republican Chris Coutu at the polls in November.

“I do think it’s very important to make our most vulnerable populations as safe as possible,” Osten, who is also Sprague’s first selectman, said Monday. “I really want to get started. After Friday, safety has become the No. 1 issue.”

A similar bill passed the state Senate last year but was not acted upon by the House of Representatives. Prague said she has asked the clerk of the Aging Committee, of which she is currently co-chair, to bring up the bill once the General Assembly is sworn in on Jan. 9. Prague said she plans to push the issue as a private citizen.

“It’s an important issue,” she said Monday. “Just because I’m retiring doesn’t mean I’m going away.”
Prague wants the state measure to contain a prohibition against sex offenders living in any elderly housing complex.

The Connecticut branch of the American Civil Liberties Union in October raised concerns about the ordinances, saying they unfairly ..continued.. by JAMES MOSHER

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