December 3, 2012

Cell phone apps unreliable for tracking Spokane County sex offenders

Cell phone Apps are no good, used primarily for scare tactics and money making...
12-3-2012 Washington:

SPOKANE, Wash. -- There are so many new ways popping up to keep your kids safe using different technologies. There are even several cell phone apps promising to help you track sex offenses nearby. But just how accurate are they?

Kimberley Carlson and her husband compared data found on sex offender tracking apps to the information listed on the sheriff's office website. Each app gave them a different answer. None matched the sheriff's office. The concerned parents want to know why.

"As a mom, as you know, it's paramount," Carlson said. "That's the one thing you strive for, to keep your kids safe."

We asked Deputy Craig Chamberlin, what's with all the inconsistencies?

"I don't think they have the software to keep up with all the people who are leaving our area," he said. "The apps show people years ago who lived in a specific area who have since moved."

The sheriff's office has three people dedicated to tracking sex offenders moving into and out of our area. It's their job to put that information online for you to see. The sheriff's office says no one but law enforcement has the technology they do to track sex offenders.

The sheriff's office says it doesn't matter if the app is for $10, none are as accurate as simply going to their website to look for offenders. ..Source.. by Hayley Guenthner &

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