November 27, 2012

Missing Iowa Girls Update: Registered Sex Offenders Targeted by Family

Two relevant comments: 1) If the law doesn't respect registrants, why should registrants respect the law? 2) At what point does a person get tired of being accused of something they have not done, and start to ignore the person who makes such claims (even if it is the state)?
11-27-2012 Iowa:

The parents of missing Iowa cousins Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins say that there are new tips coming in to police regarding this case. That's a bit of good news considering it's been a while since the summer that the two girls were missing and there haven't been any clues indicating whether or not they're even alive, much less pointing in a direction where they could be.

That's not the only update in this case. It appears that the parents of the two cousins are going to target registered sex offenders as their next tactic in this case.

A chili cook off over the weekend raised approximately $2,000 which the parents of the two missing cousins will put toward the compilation of a list of sex offenders who have failed to re-register in the state. This indicates that they are still convinced that a registered sex offender kidnapped the two missing girls.

Absconded sex offenders are always a cause for worry in cases like these because the mere act of failing to register shows a disregard for the law and lack of respect for the safety ordinances put in place specifically for criminals of their caliber. Of course, if they're failing to register, then chances are these individuals won't be too easy to find either. ...continued... by Chelsea Hoffman

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