November 29, 2012

Blog Enhancements: Readers can now see "Whats Happening in Washington DC"

11-29-2012 National:

Readers ask for more information from time to time, and today I've added some thing which I hope folks will like. Today there are two blogs which distribute news: 1) State News and 2) National News and Court Decisions.

On the right side of both of those sites is a section which shows "eAdvocates Last 25 Tweets" actually it shows the last 25 items posted from ALL of our blogs. Additionally, a few other items from Twitter appears as well. This becomes a handy place for folks to review "What's Happening" in all of our blogs.

Folks may have noticed that Congress is back and slipping through anything it can before the new Congress begins in January. With that in mind, and ONLY in the National News and Court Decisions site, I've added TWO more places folks can get valuable Washington DC information:

GovTOP: is a site which reports on "What's Happening in DC" and covers all sorts of things including occasional news items. As they UPDATE their site it will appear on our site.

GovTOP Live: is a site which reports on "What's Happening on the Floor of the U.S. House and Senate." As they UPDATE their site it will appear on our site.
On either site you can click on a specific post to see more about that post, on the other site. Should anyone experience a problem with site loading, please let us know.

For now have a great day and a better tomorrow.

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