November 22, 2012

Authorities collect DNA from SOME Chicago sex offenders

Problem w/this law. DNA is collected no matter where a person is convicted of a sex crime and submitted to a national DNA data base CODIS. So when a person moves why do they have to provide, and drive up costs, a new sample? Why does Illinois feel it needs its own private sample, can't they use CODIS? Or, does a person's DNA change if they cross state lines? To help exonerate wrongly convicted is absolute nonsense.
11-22-2012 Illinois:

Authorities in Illinois have collected DNA from more than 100 people living in Chicago who were convicted of serious sex crimes in other states.

The effort this week was led by Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office and was in line with an Illinois law that requires all sex offenders to submit specimens to the state's DNA database even if they were convicted outside Illinois.

Madigan's office said Wednesday that expanding the state's database will make it a stronger tool for law enforcement investigators and will help exonerate those who have been wrongly convicted. ..Source.. by

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