September 8, 2012

Schools use RFID chips to track students

9-8-2012 Texas:

Wearing a tracking chip is now mandatory for all students at John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School, both in San Antonio, Texas. While the schools look at these chips as a way to reduce truancy or tardiness, the students and their parents are very concerned.

Improving attendance could result in up to $2 million in state reimbursements for their district. According to, some students, like Andrea Hernandez, feel that these measures are an invasion of privacy.

She doesn’t think it will help prevent students from skipping classes, as they can just give the chip too a friend or put it in a locker. Parents worry about the ability of non-school officials to track their children.

In Austin, Texas, nine high schools already use GPS tracking devices to monitor student location, and are treated “like prisoners.” Where do you draw the line between encouraging school attendance and personal privacy rights?

What do you think? ..Source.. by Abbie Foster

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