June 18, 2012

Texas father kills his daughter's molester

6-18-2012 Texas:

A father in Texas may have to face trial, as he is being labeled as a criminal by some experts for killing the molester of his daughter.

Very few people blame the Texas father for killing his daughter's molester after he himself saw the suspect sexually abusing his daughter. The incident took place in Shiner, Texas, but the identity of those involved in the case is being kept confidential due to the sensitive nature of the case. According to the details, the 23-year-old father killed the molester after seeing him molesting his 5-year-old daughter. The horrific incident was taking place in a horse barn, where the father found the suspect brutally assaulting his daughter. Upon seeing this, the father beat him up using his fists.

All around Texas, the father is being hailed as a hero, but now some legal experts have started saying that no matter what, the father should not have killed the man and his case should now be prosecuted. These experts maintain that no matter what the system of vigilante justice does not prevail in a civil society and hence the father should have stopped hitting the man when he had saved his daughter from him.

A Texas grand jury will be evaluating the case next week. They will look deeper into it to find out the circumstances of the killing and whether the father was indeed justified in hitting the man so hard that he died.

“Assuming it’s true that this guy was molesting the daughter … he would then have the right to defend her and hit him enough to have him stop,” James Harrington, director of the Texas Civil Rights Project, told Fox News. “But you cannot summarily execute him, even though I can understand the anger he would have.”

He added, “The question is: When does it move beyond self-defense?” ..For the rest of this story: by Samantha86

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