June 8, 2012

OKC Organization Wants To Stop Enforcement Of Sex Offender Law

6-8-2012 Oklahoma:

OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro organization that helps sex offenders after prison wants to stop a new law from being enforced.

Hand Up Ministries houses 200 registered sex offenders in more than 100 mobile homes in southeast Oklahoma City. A new law will limit the number of sex offenders who can live in the same dwelling.

Hand Up said the law will force sex offenders into hiding.

"We know where these people are, why do we want to do anything to run them off" said David Slane, an attorney. "I mean, doesn't make sense from a public perspective."

Lawmakers say it's about public safety.

"We do not want sex offenders living together," said Senator Clark Jolley, (R) Edmond. "These people are going to be more likely to re-offend if they are around somebody else that is more likely to re-offend."

The law is set to take effect on July 1. However, there is a hearing on June 18 to consider a temporary stop. ..Source.. by NewsOn6.com

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