June 19, 2012

New LA law requires sex offender status on Facebook

Again we see Louisiana going down the path of unconstitutionality, first to say Louisiana registrants must reveal their presence to others may pass muster within Louisiana, but on Facebook such a law infringes on registrants' rights under laws of other states, which may not have such law. Louisiana seems to be on a path of destruction with laws as to registrants, five or six so far declared unconstitutional; now ACLU get this one added to the list. Facebook is a California company which has other laws contrary to Louisiana!
6-19-2012 Louisiana:

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Registered sex offenders in Louisiana now have to share their sex offender status on social website like Facebook.

The author of the bill is Representative Jeff Thompson from Bossier City.

He says it's designed to create more accountability for the people who come into your home through your computer.

This law is the latest attempt by legislators to crack down on child sex predators online. But prosecutors say it's purpose is not to prevent those sex crimes, but to prosecute those who commit them and fail to register.

"This is one of those deals that requires a person to say their a sex offender on Facebook, so what can we do if they don't? Same thing we do if they don't have their sex offender id car, we arrest them and prosecute them for it," said Caddo Assistant DA, Hugo Holland.

Holland says Thompson consulted with the DA's Office while crafting the bill, and the DA's Office through offered support.

A law that prohibited sex offenders from using social websites completely was recently struck down by the courts and deemed unconstitutional. Thompson believes his legislation can easily stand up to constitutional scrutiny because it's only requiring those who already register to share that information on social websites. ..Source.. by Fred Childers

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