May 2, 2012

Sex offender bill moves on State Assembly

5-2-2012 New York:

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - A measure aimed at keeping New York’s children safe will move on to the State Assembly on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the State Senate approved a bill that increases penalties for repeat offenders and raises community awareness when it comes to people who sexually abuse children.

The bill will require sex offenders to disclose whether their residence is within a half mile of an elementary school or a secondary school through the state’s sex offender registry. Schools would have the option of sending the information to parents.

In addition, if the victim is 10 years old or under, the person would be classified as a level 3 sex offender – a classification that is reserved for the most dangerous sexual predators.

Also, if a convicted sex offender commits another sex crime while on probation, they will receive the maximum sentence for incarceration and the penalties for failure follow requirements for the Sex Offender Registry Act.

Other elements of the measure include preventing sex offenders from gaining certain professional licenses. ..Source.. by

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