May 8, 2012

OnceFallen's Trip to New York and Appearance on TV Shows

5-8-2012 National:

Recently our Advocate friend from OnceFallen went to New York to appear on TV shows; here is what happened, and a video clip of the show:

The Paula Gloria and Joe Friendly Shows are TV shows on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network a local access media outlet in New York City which reaches some 600,000 homes in urban New York City. Both shows featured three authors of books related to the consequences of life on the sex offender registry-- Ken Kish, author of the book Despised Things, Lynn Gilmore, author of Consensual Consequences and CEO of SOSEN, and Derek Logue, author of Once Fallen and host of

The purpose of the show was to both promote the books written by the various authors, and to raise awareness of the damage caused by the public along with the movement to reform laws targeting those on the public sex offender registry.

Video Clip:

For now have a great day & a better tomorrow.

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