May 15, 2012

Kennedy Announces Senate Passage of Legislation to Crackdown on Sex Offenders who Abuse or Evade Registry

Here we see a Lawmakers misstating the purpose of the sex offender registry, in order to get his proposed law passed. The original purpose is to know where one sleeps for a few hours of the day/night (i.e., residence) not were a person spends every waking moment as his bill suggests!
5-15-2012 New York:

Albany, N.Y. (WKBW release) -- Senator Timothy M. Kennedy announced Monday that the State Senate has passed legislation to prevent dangerous sex offenders from abusing or evading state registry requirements.

According to a news release:

This package of bills will make it tougher to dodge the residence-registration rules established in the sex offender registry act.

The bills, which Senator Kennedy cosponsored, will help keep children safe by giving law enforcement the tools to crackdown on sex offenders who fail to fully register all residence information. It also enables prosecutors to pursue criminal cases against individuals who allow violent sex offenders to evade registration and tracking.

“Our state’s sex offender registry has been an effective tool in our efforts to protect our neighborhoods and our children from predators. However, there are gaps in the law that we must address to ensure New York State does an even better job of keeping children safe,” said Senator Kennedy. “The legislation the Senate passed takes aim at dangerous sex offenders who attempt to dodge residence registration requirements. These measures will ensure complete information is available and allow law enforcement to crackdown on individuals who assist sex offenders in their attempts to evade registry rules.”

The Senate approved a measure (S.1194) to close an often-exploited loophole that allows sex offenders to register at one address but spend a considerable amount of time at another address. This bill improves the definition of residency within the sex offender registry act. Under this bill, residence will be defined as “any place of abode, domicile or inhabitance where a convicted sex offender spends or intends to spend more than two days a week.” This bill will force sex offenders to comply with the original intent of the law by ensuring the public is aware of any location where they spend a significant amount of time. ..For the remainder of this story: by WKBW News

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